NOTICE: Never a cold winter in Phong Nha (New Dark Cave Suplementary Service)



New supplementary service: Herbal foot bath at Chay River – Dark Cave


Dear partners!

In order to diversify tourism services and create the a unique experience in the cold winter, the Phong Nha Ke Bang Tourism Center has opened a new tour package: “ Never a cold winter” at the Dark Cave (tourism site)

  This is tour package is exclusively available in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

 From November 16th, 2015, after the 400 meter zipline ride, taking a mud bath, discovering Dark Cave and enjoying the fun water games on the river… visitors will also be able to experience a herbal foot bath. This service is the result of co-operation between Phong Nha Ke Bang Tourism Center and local people that are living in the buffer zone of the National Park. The Herbal foot bath can prevent and treat a headache, lack of sleep, rheumatism, and it is good for the skin…

The mix of  9 medicinal herbs, a cup of wine and bowl of egg soup will account for the relaxing experience of “ Never a cold winter” at Dark cave

  1. Tour price: 380.000đ/ Pax (VAT not included)


– Dark cave fees ( included zip-line, mud bath, games on the river)

– Herbal foot bath, a cup of wine and a bowl of hot egg soup

  1. Promotion: the first 90 visitors will get a free herbal foot bath
  2. For more information, contact (please book in advance)

– Email:

– Hotline:   0912.520.557(Mr Hùng)

0918.841.455 (Ms Tuyết)

0919.167.246 (Mr Yannick, English hot-line)

Official document:

Dịch vụ Ngâm chân Thảo dược tại Hang Tối



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