What To Do In Phong Nha

What To Do In Phong Nha

The Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a immense area of dense forest and jungle, many rivers, caves and areas that can’t be accessed. Luckily we are here to provide you with tours to get the best out of your stay in Phong Nha and the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park Area. 

Tours & Activities

We highly recommend visitors of Phong Nha to join one of the many tours available in the area. This way you’ll get most out of your stay and experience one of the most beautiful areas of Vietnam. There are many benefits to joining a tour: Price advantage, professional guides, tasty meals & more.

Special tours

The Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is home to many gorgeous caves and a couple of them are open to the public. However, with regular entry tickets only a small part of the caves can be entered and 80% of them have steel or wooden walkways. That being said, a true cave exploration is not possible without joining a proper tour. There are several of options available and we label them Special Tours.

Dark Cave 6 KM Tour - Large Formations

Dark Cave 6 KM Tour – Large Formations

Explore 6 Kilometers Of Dark Cave

Dark Cave is one of the most popular tourism sites in the area and well known for its 400 meter zip-line (the longest zip-line in Vietnam). A regular visit will only take participants 500 meters inside the cave and the rest is left unseen. With the 6 kilometers Dark Cave exploration tour participants will conquer the entire cave. From the back entrance (Thuy Cung) all the way to the main entrance. This is a two day tour and a amazing experience is guaranteed. For more information about this tour click here, for more information about Dark Cave click here.

Price: 6,999,000 VND/Pax
Hotel & meals included

Phong Nha CaveConquer 4.5 Kilometers Of Phong Nha Cave

Just like the Dark Cave the Phong Nha Cave is a very popular tourism site inside the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. In fact, the entire park is based around the existence of this cave (Phong Nha). The first 1.2 kilometers of the cave is artificially lightened which creates stunning scenery. After the twilight zone (the zone that is artificially lightened) there is nothing but darkness and a lot of cave to be explored. Phong Nha Cave is known for its extensive subterranean river system and it is the longest wet cave in the world. Participating in this tour will be a once in a lifetime experience and a adventure to never forget. For more information about this tour click here, for more information about the Phong Nha cave click here.

Price: 1,700,000 VND/Pax
Lunch included

Popular Tours

For those that don’t dare to go on one of the adventurous cave explorations mentioned above and for those who are on a tighter budget the popular tours might be more appealing. These tours cover the most popular sites in the area.

A12A7445 - CopyBoat & Bike Tour

The Boat & Bike Tour is a full day tour and will start at the Heritage By Night hotel (daily). After pick up participants will be taken to the boat station down the road where they will enter one of the famous traditional dragon boats. Phong Nha cave is the first cave to be explored in this tour, however, participants will only discover 1.2 kilometers of the cave which is the part in which the artificial lighting system has been installed.
The Phong Nha Cave exploration will be followed by a boat ride to Dark Cave. At Dark Cave participants will gain instant access (no waiting times). A 400 meter zip-line ride is required to reach the mouth of the cave and inside one of the narrow passages a mud bath is waiting!
After conquering all parts of the Dark Cave it’s time to hop on the bicycles and drive back to the Phong Nha village. The tour guide will take participants through small river side villages and areas which tourists wouldn’t normally visit. For more information about this tour click here.

Price: 1,290,000 VND/Pax
Lunch included

1IMG_4243 copyNational Park Tour

Just like the Boat & Bike Tour the National Park Tour is a full day tour. Many popular tourism sites will be visited in the National Park Tour: Eight Ladies Cave, Paradise Cave, Mooc Spring Eco Trail & Dark Cave.  Eight Ladies Cave is a memorial temple built in memory of 8 brave woman who have died during the war. The tour guide will provide the full story! Paradise Cave is well known site in the area and often described as the Eden on earth. After discovering Paradise Cave the tour van will drive participants down to the Mooc Spring Eco-Trail. A wooden walking structure was built over the rapids and participants will get the time to embrace the beauty and tranquility of the area. A traditional tasty Vietnamese lunch will be served at the Mooc Spring.
After Mooc Spring it’s time to visit the exciting Dark Cave; enjoy a 400 meter zip-line ride, take a mud bath, take a shorter zip-line and play adventurous water games. For more information about this tour and the different sites click here.

Single Visits

Most of the sites in the area are open for single visits. We highly recommend joining one of the tours instead of visiting the different sites one by one yourself.

The benefits of joining a tour:

  • Big Price Advantage (All tours include a tasty lunch)
  • No Transportation Fees
  • No Waiting Times
  • Professional tour guides with a lot of knowledge about the area (English!)
  • Guaranteed fun!
  • Tour Insurance

Not in for a tour? There are plenty of other things to do and see in the area. A bicycle can be rented at the Heritage By Night Hotel and free advice will be given. 

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