Phong Nha Special 10% Discount

Heritage By Night Hotel Special 10% Discount

This month Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center has proudly announced the official opening of the Heritage By Night Hotel. All the reason to celebrate and that’s exactly why everyone can enjoy a 10% discount on room rates at the Heritage By Night Hotel. And for hotel visitors we’ll top that off with a exclusive 10% discount at Dark Cave and 10% discount on all our tours!

Heritage By Night Hotel (10% Discount)

The Heritage By Night Hotel is a beautiful hotel that can provide for every traveller’s needs. The hotel has a total of 30 dorm beds, 20 private rooms and 2 deluxe rooms. Furthermore a pool area, bar, fish pedicure area and more is being built. With sharp prices, and one of the cheapest restaurants in town we can safely say that the Heritage By Night Hotel will become “the place to be” in Phong Nha (2015).

Dark Cave (10% Discount)

If you haven’t heard of the Dark Cave yet and you’re planning on visiting Phong Nha-Ke Bang soon, we highly recommend you take a look here and find about this amazing tourist site. In the months August and September anyone staying at Heritage by night hotel and visite the Dark Cave can enjoy a 10% discount (please email or call one day before arrival).

The Tours (10% Discount, Groups from 5 and up will get a exclusive 20% discount)

Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center has recently released several new tour options. All these tours are unique and exclusive tours that can only be booked through our company. For more information about the offers please click one of the following links:

Explore 6 kilometres of Dark Cave (2 days)

Discover 4.5 kilometres of Phong Nha Cave

Boat & Bike Tour

National Park Tour (EXCLUSIVE!)

Two Day Tours

Three Day Tours

Special discount valid from 01-08 till 01-10 (only valid for guests of the Heritage By Night Hotel)



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